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Amazing Astronomy

November 16th, 2017 · No Comments · Uncategorized

We were lucky enough as a year group, to be invited to Outwood Portland, to experience and astronomy event. This is great for us as our next topic is going to be all about space! 

We learned lots of information about space and about our solar system, The Milky way. We learned all about the size of the planets and the sun! We learned how telescopes work and even what comets are made from. We EVEN got to make our own comet! It was so amazing and interesting. We THEN got to make ice cream! It was great fun.


Can you comment some facts that you know about space?


Performing PE

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Spruce class have started a gymnastic topic in PE. We looked at ways of movement and travelling and the different levels of doing this. We then put them into a routine and to the beat of music and then we performed then to other groups, to give each other constructive criticism. 

What have you been to in PE?


Potential Poets

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In year 5 Spruce class, for the past couple of weeks, we have been looking at poems and their features and even had a go at writing our own. 

Here we are in the edit process of our poems. We then performed our poems to the rest of the class.

What have you been doing in Literacy?


Animal branching database

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We are currently creating an animal branching database in year 5. We were able and lucky enough to go into the school’s wildlife garden and search for animals and also, look at habitats and what kinda of animals would live in those habitats. 

We found: 

and lots more. 

After we had been outside to look, we came back in and played 21 questions in our learning partners to help us identify how to separate these animals using closed questions. This helped us when we started to create our branching database. 

What have you been doing in Science?


Reading Royalty

November 7th, 2017 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Year 5 became:

Summarisers, questioners, clarifiers and predictors in our guided reading session.
They were able to pick apart the text and understand on a deep level what they text was about.

What is your favourite job in Guided Reading?




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Today, year 5 were lucky enough to take a trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park! We had such an amazing time and were able to see all the different animals that we wouldn’t normally get to see.


What is your favourite animal? 

We even had the opportunity to take part in a workshop at the park, where we looked at the animals and their adaptations for the habitats that they live in. We even got the chance to hold some of these animals in oder to get a close up look at their adaptations. 

Can you remember their adaptations and why they had these adaptations? 


Harvest Festival

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We were lucky enough to partake in the Harvest festival. In year 5 we created abstract harvest theme boards, in small groups. We used pastels, which we smudged, to create the abstract effect. We chose to draw pictures that were relevant to the harvest, such as, pumpkins, and leaves falling from the trees. We chose to use colours at were also autumn themed (reds, yellows, oranges, greens, browns etc).

We also learned and performed the song “Thank you Lord”. We did this acapella. It was scary but we had great fun and loved every minute! 

What did you do for Harvest Festival?


Deforestation disaster

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In year 5 we have been looking at deforestation and it’s effects on the world. We researched the for and against deforestation and we had written a balanced argument using what we found out. We also held a debate in the hall, like the MPs would in the houses of Parliament.


Room for communities and towns
Wood for paper 


Habitats are being destroyed 
Animals are becoming endangered 
Oxygen is need from trees for us to breathe

Can you state some of the other arguments in the comments below?

We decided after our balanced argument and debate to conduct an experiment; to see how deforestation affects land slides around the world. In the first tray we created a slope of mud and placed paper houses at the bottom, we then poured water on to the top of the mud slope to see what would happen. In the second tray, we created the same mud slope, with houses at the bottom, but this time we placed twigs and sticks in the slope at the top and bottom. WE then poured water (just like in the first tray) to see what the difference was. 

Can you guess what happened?
Can you remember what happened year 5 (comment below)?
Can you explain why it happened?


Dividing by 10

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In year 5, today we moved on to dividing by 10, 100 or 1000s using some apparatus to help us. 

We found sharing out the apparatus really useful, as it helped us see that in order to divide by 10 we have to share the apparatus out in 10 groups. We also found that when dividing by 10, all we have to do is move the numbers down one place in the place value chart. 

What have you been doing in maths this week?


Magic maths

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Spruce class came in this morning to a maths problem where they had to prove their answers and explain how they got their answers. 

We were all really engaged and enjoyed discussing their explanations to each other and class. 


Can you answer ad explain our question?