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October 20th, 2017 · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

Today, year 5 were lucky enough to take a trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park! We had such an amazing time and were able to see all the different animals that we wouldn’t normally get to see.


What is your favourite animal? 

We even had the opportunity to take part in a workshop at the park, where we looked at the animals and their adaptations for the habitats that they live in. We even got the chance to hold some of these animals in oder to get a close up look at their adaptations. 

Can you remember their adaptations and why they had these adaptations? 

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  • Aimee-Grace

    Wow! Look at all those animals! They look so cute. I want one!!!!

  • Molly-Abbie -torey

    Very cute animal and a undo the cute

  • Neve

    This trip was really fun even though we got wet from head to toe!!!!

  • Roxxanne

    YWP was a great experience to have outside of school and a big thank you to Miss Ishaq and Mr Baines

  • Bryce and alan

    I love all the animals on those photos especially the polar bear and the tiger. I hope that it was a lot of fun when you went and that you were lucky and you had great weather
    – Bryce

    All the animals look amazing and cute. I hope you learned a lot and had lots of fun while doing so. It seems like it was an amazing experience.

  • Isabelle & Chelsey

    Polar bears are so cute!!!We do love all the animals but polar bears are our favourite!

  • Chelsey

    When I was in year 5 I didn’t go there but I bet you all in year 5 loved it!I hope you enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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