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Deforestation disaster

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In year 5 we have been looking at deforestation and it’s effects on the world. We researched the for and against deforestation and we had written a balanced argument using what we found out. We also held a debate in the hall, like the MPs would in the houses of Parliament.


Room for communities and towns
Wood for paper 


Habitats are being destroyed 
Animals are becoming endangered 
Oxygen is need from trees for us to breathe

Can you state some of the other arguments in the comments below?

We decided after our balanced argument and debate to conduct an experiment; to see how deforestation affects land slides around the world. In the first tray we created a slope of mud and placed paper houses at the bottom, we then poured water on to the top of the mud slope to see what would happen. In the second tray, we created the same mud slope, with houses at the bottom, but this time we placed twigs and sticks in the slope at the top and bottom. WE then poured water (just like in the first tray) to see what the difference was. 

Can you guess what happened?
Can you remember what happened year 5 (comment below)?
Can you explain why it happened?

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